Jicho's end-user computing (EUC) services offer enterprises the facility to tap emerging technology models to meet unique business needs. The EUC helps enterprises refresh and simplify their existing environments. The solution also helps reduce management costs, enhance availability and reduce time-to-market. We provide migration to newer operating environment with minimum disruptions and drive transformation technology solutions.

Jicho understands that end-user computing is no longer about managing laptops and desktops. Today, you need to support user access to services, applications, and data on any device and in any location. This revolution promises greater flexibility, productivity enhancements, staff morale improvements, and cost savings. Your business can benefit from these changes.

​​These days, your end users are using two or three, even four computing devices – all with different capabilities, models, shapes and sizes, operating systems, and security requirements. In addition, the applications served up to these devices are undergoing a metamorphosis in terms of the way that they're consumed − either as a service (through a cloud model) or more traditionally, in a client-owned, on-premise model.

We have skilled technicians that provide an entire life-cycle of your IT, print, end-user maintenance & support services. Our technicians follows international best practices to ensure that any incident or request is addressed accordingly based on international Standard Desktop Setup (SDS) approach for both a windows and non-windows environment

Service Offerings
New perspectives. New ways of working. New services. Jicho's services portfolio helps you optimize and improve business performance.

End-User Computing Services

  • End-user workplace support augmented with self-help, self-service and self-healing migration to newer operating environments
  • Technology transformation solutions for emerging concepts, i.e., Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC), Desktop as a Service, Anywhere Access on Any (A3) Device, and so on

Automation & Cloud Services

  • End-user and infrastructure service automation through self-service and self-provisioning
  • Cloud Management strategy to fast track deployment, seamless migration, and easy management of the organization’s private, public or hybrid cloud environment

Technological innovations have caused a global shift towards a digital workplace. This transformation has changed your employees’ workplace needs. We help you stay at the forefront of this transformation by reimagining how your business operates from the inside out. We can help you evolve your employees’ digital workplaces, allowing them to be more productive from anywhere, at any time.

Our approach is delivered in three phases: discover, construct, and recommend.

Working with you, we review your goals and deliverables to understand your business objectives for the digital workplace. We assess the areas that impact different user groups: users, applications, operations, devices, infrastructure, and security.

Drawing on our IT infrastructure expertise across multiple vendor technologies and our discovery work with clients on their organisations’ needs, our consultants provide analysis and recommendations on how your organisation can develop its end-user computing programme.

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